-: The Right to Information :-

     It is the PIO's obligation to provide such information to citizens who have requested for information from the public authority under the Act. If the request pertains to another public authority (in whole or part), it is the PIO's responsibility to transfer/forward that portions of the request to the PIO of the concerned Department within a period of 5 working days. In addition, every public authority is required to designate Assistant Public Information Officers (APIOs) to receive requests and appeals under the Act for forwarding them to the PIOs to ensure timely supply of information. The applicant is not required to disclose reasons for seeking such information and while seeking information he will provide his name and contact particulars only.

Time limits  :
     The Act specifies time limits for replying to the request.
• If the request has been made to the PIO, the reply is to be given within 30 days of receipt.
• If the request has been made to an APIO, the reply is to be given within 35 days of receipt.
• If the PIO transfers the request to another public authority (better concerned with the information requested), the time allowed to reply is 30 days but computed from the day after it is received by the PIO of the transferee authority.

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