-: The Right to Information :-

   The basic objective of the Right to Information Act is to empower the citizens, promote transparency band accountability in the working of the Government, contain corruption and make democracy work for the people in real sense. No democratic government can survive without accountability and the basic postulate of accountability is that the people should have information about the functioning of the government. The citizens’ right to know the facts about the administration of the country thus, is one of the pillars of a democratic state and that is why the demand for openness in the government is increasingly growing in different parts of the world.

   The Act seeks to promote a culture of openness within the government and demands the public authority to publish and disseminate key categories of information of significant public interest pro-actively.

   The General Administration (Administrative Reforms) Department, Government of Tripura vide No. F.3[5] GA[AR] /2005[ L] notified The Tripura Right to Information Rules, 2005. in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 27 of the Right to Information Act, 2005. In 2008, the Government of Tripura notified a new set of rules viz The Tripura Right to Information Rules, 2008 which was published in the official gazette on 4 February 2008 and came into force from that date.

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