Guidelines For The State Public Information Officers

Assistance Available to SPIO

The State Public Information Officer may seek the assistance of any other officer as he or she considers necessary for the proper discharge of his or her duties. The officer, whose assistance is so sought by the SPIO, would render all assistance to him. Such an officer shall be deemed to be a State Public Information Officer and would be liable for contravention of any provisions of the Act the same way as any other State Public Information Officer. It would be advisable for the SPIO to inform the officer whose assistance is sought, about the above provision, at the time of the seeking his assistance.

Suo Motu Disclosure

The Act makes it obligatory for every public authority to make suo motu disclosure in respect of the particulars of its organization, functions, duties and other matters, as provided in section 3 of the Act. The information so published, according to sub-section (3) of section 3, should be easily accessible with the SPIO in electronic format. The SPIO should, therefore, make concerned efforts to ensure that the requirements of the Section 3 are met and maximum information in respect of the authority is made available on the internet. It would help him in two ways. First, the number of applications under the Act would be reduced and secondly, it would facilitate his work of providing information inasmuch as most of the information would be available ho him at one place.

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